Monday, May 2, 2011

I did it, I did it, oh yeah, I did it!

Imagine me dancing around in the garden like a mad woman singing the above yesterday afternoon...

I finally finished the Shalom cardigan! My first ever knitted garment!

The fraught hours that went into the making this, the cursing when I went wrong (notice the two extra stripes?). The painful unpicking a couple of rows stitch by stitch (when I misread the pattern and made a stitch every alternate stitch instead of just once). Almost giving up but carrying on thanks to Debs encouragement!

Its made with Rowan Purelife, British Sheep Breeds Chunky Undyed 100% British Wool from a Steel Grey Suffolk and I'm really pleased with it!!

It probably was a bit ambitious for the only the third thing I have ever knitted (number one, the fingerless mitts, number two, the gaptastic cowl) but I learnt how to "make one" how to "decrease" how to "purl into the back" and "knit into the back". Knitting for me has definitely proved to be a much steeper learning curve than crochet, because if you go wrong with crochet you can undo it and you always come back to "a loop" you can continue from, you always know where you are, whereas with knitting it seems so much harder to rectify if you go wrong or harder to undo.. I suppose that will come with experience.

So despite saying I would never knit anything again, I'm already back on Ravelry looking up my next project! (Which I think is going to be the Tea Leaves cardigan that I saw on Kates blog Foxs Lane, I just need to study the pattern and see if I think I could do it.

As well as finishing my cardigan, this weekend my husband has been busy painting my new workroom, and I've been busy moving everything back in! Can't wait to show you this week when its all ship shape!


  1. Your cardigan looks superb, well done you!Enjoy wearing it.
    Lisa x

  2. Yes you did it well done pat on the back deserved.I am still plodding away on the hexie blanket, all sewn, backed and now quilting around each hexie. Phew. Am desperate to start something new but also determined to finish this completely before I do. Take care Debs X

  3. Hey, well done. May it be one of many that you knit for yourself. I do loads of knitting for everyone else, but I don't think I've done a cardigan or jumper for myself for over a decade. Hmm. You are inspiring me!