Friday, May 20, 2011

Hows your friday?

Its been a lovely sunny day here in Lincolnshire today, and I enjoyed a few sunny hours finishing off projects in my sewing room looking out of my new window at the bunnies running around the field.

Quilting some more table placemats that will soon be in my shop.
My new moo mini cards arrived for my shop, I'm soooo pleased with them!!! They come in a lovely little box too!
And this weeks Graze box.
Do you Graze? I love receiving them, each week for £2.99 they send you four different tasty healthy snacks, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, foccaccia, flapjacks, olives. Its a surprise what you get each week, but you can rate them online so you don't get any that you don't like. I've been doing it for about six months and really like the things they send. It stops me reaching for the unhealthy things. *

This ones is one of my favourites, not 100% healthy, but not bad. Chocolate buttons, almonds, cranberries and tiny bits of fudge. Yum. Also the wasabi peanuts are one of my favourites too and the vanilla seeds.

I keep talking about the shop and I know it isn't visible yet but it will be soon! The site is all ready, my stock is increasing, all that remains is for some decent photos to be taken, so that means roping in my husband who is very good in that department. Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend and we can have a photoshoot in the garden!

Our plans this weekend ware for my husband to fit a new bathroom and me hopefully tackling the overgrown garden, so I took the chance this morning to nip into town to my local fabric store on my own, to see what they had in stock.

I came back with quite a selection, but when I saw this one the masked racoon,
I had to buy it for my son. I think he'll love it. I'm making some bunting for his room with it and maybe a log cabin cushion. If he doesn't like it though, it will be going into the shop!
Enjoy your weekend!


*If you fancy trying Graze you can get a free box if you use the code CHWCPCR (if you did that it also gives me £1 off one of my boxes, but I don't want you to think that's why I'm recommending it, they also do the first box free for anyone who visits their website so you can do it without involving me at all!).


  1. Graze sounds great, I'll investigate that a little more!

    Victoria xx

  2. thank you for your blog comment, those grazing snacks look delish! xx

  3. Hi, I just found your blog through Two Bones & a Bagel, I love it! Your cards look great. I'm a huge Graze fan too. Yummy! Lynda xx