Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cheeky Rascal Bunting & frames

The winds kept up today, meaning it was too windy again to take any photos outside, despite the beautiful blue skies, so this afternoon I made up the bunting for my sons room from the bright and cheery fabric I bought last week, and livened up some old photo frames in his room with some fabric scraps. (One of the fabrics has a masked raccoon on it, who we think looks like a cheeky rascal). I've got some fabric left so I thinking of making some log cabin cushion covers or a mini quilt maybe next week.
I made an extra set of bunting which will be in my shop soon, when I can photograph it satisfactorily! This is proving to be the hardest thing about setting up my shop. Everything is ready, but I can't seem to take decent enough photos yet to show everything off that I'm happy with.
This is about the best photo of the finished things I can take that doesn't show the chaos of lego and toys below! Its reaching the stage where it needs a PROPER tidy up....

1 comment:

  1. how sweet bunting! I love the color combination you used, very nicely done.

    Love, Maaike