Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dies Horrendus

Yesterday was not a good day.

It was VERY windy in lots of places throughout the British Isles yesterday, here included. Our chicken coop blew completely over the fence into our neighbours garden, luckily not causing any damage to anything except itself, it is now in pieces in the garden. The chicken house itself blew over luckily no chickens were inside it.

A huge telegraph pole in the garden snapped and fell down luckily not damaging anything.

Some of the roof blew off our conservatory in the high winds, and then the heavens opened and everything got soaked.

Then I realized that the back and front left side of the cardigan I am knitting are too small and unravelled the whole lot. (Do you say defrog with knitting or is that just crochet?).

Anyway the sun is shining today, the insurance company are sending out someone to mend the roof this week, and I am going to start again on the cardigan.

Sometimes you just have to remember that in the scale of things going on elsewhere in the world we are very lucky and things like this aren't that big a deal just an inconvenience and we should think our selves lucky.


Ps. I have an afternoon to kill in Birmingham on Saturday is there anywhere I should go to?!

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