Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A veritable feast for the eyes!

I have been checking the post every day to see if it had arrived... and today it finally did! The much anticipated first issue of Mollie Makes!
I took the chance to have a sneaky read over lunch today. Oops the table cloth looks a bit creased! (A little peek of my placemats and coasters that will be in my new online shop soon!).

Its great that we have a much better selection of craft magazines now than we did a few years ago, so I wondered whether this one would have anything different to add.

I was sooo not disappointed!
Page 2, I have to show you the lovely advert from Loop as it has a lovely Julie Arkell creature on it.

And these pom pom garlands, I really want to make these!

Knitted bunting ditto ! Can see these looking fab in my kitchen.
(It's from Jane Brockets new book the Gentle Art of Knitting which is on my Amazon wish list).
Fabulous frilly aprons, I've got a thing about frilly aprons and some will be appearing in my new shop soon!

I am love seeing other peoples houses and particularly their work space, so I'm hoping this will be a regular feature.

There's also an interview with the lovely Tif Fussell from Dottie Angel. I love her work and regularly read her blog so was really pleased to see her featured. If all issues are as good as this one then this is definitely "my new favourite craft magazine." Have you read it? What did you think?

ps. whilst the salad looks very virtuous it hasn't all been health eating this week... The other night I had dream I had that I ate a huge packet of white chocolate buttons. Reality hit I woke up the next day and found a white chocolate button stuck to my bottom (of my pyjamas!).


  1. I picked up a copy yesterday but haven't had a chance to read through it yet!

    Victoria xx

  2. Ah-ha! I got a flyer for this new mag in my Country Living mag, and was very intrigued, so it's really good to know it's worth the pennies spent, thank you for the great review! Your Shalom cardi looks lovely, that's on my list of to-knits too! Well done on doing such a great job on your first knitted garment. Love Vanessa xxx

  3. Looks like an inspirational read! Re. the letters you mentioned - just say the word, and the colours/pattern and they're yours.

  4. Hello Sally, I didn't know you had moved! Glad you're back to regular blogging!

  5. Hello Sally like your new header very swish. I try not to buy mags because I have lots but it does look like a good one. Have bought two new books recently tho'. Scandinavian stitches and Children's Clothes book both really lovely. Take care. Debs

  6. Oooooo I'm SOOOOO jealous, my copy hasn't arrived :( I'm really hoping that there is a picture of my Bunting 'Add On' Pom Pom trim featured.......did you see anything????

    Love the new header it looks fab and the placemats are lovely!

    Sarah xo

  7. Oh my copy hasn't arrived yet.......
    I can't wait x