Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter & knitting

Phew where did those days go?! We had a super busy half term, after our London days away we have been on an Easter Egg Hunt in the woods,
on a print making Easter cards workshop at the Harley Gallery
had lots of fun sewing and stitching on an brilliant Easter Making workshop with Louise at Hope & Elvis.

Hot tubbing at a friends house (no pictures I'm afraid!), family bbqs, car booting (more of that another day) gardening, and a bit of time for knitting! I've made some progress on the Shalom cardigan. Look...
Thanks for the encouragement Debs I have persevered and you were right - the bit past the cable has been much faster and more enjoyable. I have gone wrong again a couple of times (I'm not sure why I think I must have picked it up back to front or something?!), so I have a couple of unintentional stripes. The thought of unpicking it was too scary, so I have left them in, but I like to think it makes it my own!

Lastly, most exciting of all........ I have a window in my workroom!! I was blown away with my window which replaces two velux windows you couldn't see out of,
when my workspace is reinstated I will have this view!!
and a perfect space for cutting fabrics and patterns!

I can't wait for it to be finished so I can paint it and get all my stuff back in. To do that I will have to sort out all of this!

Thats next weekend's job then! Enjoy your three day week! xxx


  1. Love your new layout its very pretty. Glad you continued with your Shalom you will be finished in no time - the window is fab what a view and all that light. The tidying of craft stuff - oh dear had my fill of that for a while - good luck.

  2. You have been so busy and so creative! Bet you can't wait to get back into your studio.
    Lisa x

  3. The studio is going to be just lovely. I too have a worktable infront of a window but the view is not nearly so lovely! Can't wait to see finished pictures. Sarah xo