Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lovely few days down south

We've just returned for a lovely long weekend down south, in our caravan just outside London, which we used as a base for days out.

It was my birthday on friday which was spent at Legoland watching the little peeps going mad in the sunshine.
My favourite bit of the whole park is Miniland, especially Amsterdam


and London.
This year they had set up the Royal Wedding at Buckingham Palace
The next day we visited Windsor Castle another lovely day out (not many pics though as you can't take pictures inside, but well worth a visit, especially to see the fantastic Dolls House).
And who would have guessed that there was a Cath Kidston shop bang opposite? IMG_1332
Of course I had to have a tiny look, I loved how it was decorated inside, especially the patchwork wallpaper.
(I googled it when I got home and found out it is for sale but its a whopping £150 a roll!).
Upstairs was the fabric & bedding department.
I came away with an ironing board cover and some fabric samples (including this one in the middle below) as I'm planning to make some curtains for our new bedroom and recover a headboard (in a different blue floral, below, below!).

Day three, and a day at the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, and a quick look round the V&A. Again, not many photos but the children loved it and we all wished we'd had more time to spend there.

I took my knitting away with me. I am still knitting the Shalom cardigan from Ravelry but I am not enjoying it. In fact on in the car after a lot of huffing and puffing I would rather sit and look out the window than knit, most unlike me! I think its because I went wrong but carried on anyway because I wasn't sure how to unpick it, and because the rows are so long I'm finding it tedious... The first two lots of ribs look ok, then I had to add lots more stitches and the third lot of ribs look a mess.

I am one third through it and approaching the armholes and am seriously considering undoing it all and giving up. What do you think?

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  1. Glad you had a good time.Keep going with the cardi mine has mistakes but you cant see them (I dont think) and once you have passed the ribbing it is really quick. Looking forward to meeting the little peeps on Thursday I have told my sister to take H's DS and she is going to sneak it into her bag without him knowing just in case.