Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good, better, best

Using this book that I bought just before christmas:

and inspired by the lovely CK knitting bag and needles that my friend had given me as a christmas gift, I spent a few days over the new year period teaching myself how to knit. Compared to crochet I found it incredibly frustrating at first... I seemed to create extra stitches, had holes in my knitting and then seemed to lose the ability to count to 32! What with dropping stitches and trying to pick them up I found it very tricky!

I unpicked many first attempts, this is one of the better ones I kept where I had been practicing basic knit, pearl and ribbing, casting on and off.

I decided I needed a simple first project and the lovely lady in my local wool shop gave me the pattern for these mitts, they were very simple to do and an ideal start to increase my confidence. I used beautiful Debbie Bliss Cashmerino wool, so beautifully touch feely to work with.

And added a few crochet flowers (to hide a couple of wrong stitches!). They aren't entirely perfect but I am very proud of my first knitting attempt.
Today I'm knitting a little scarf and hat for my paper mache creatures, more of that soon!


  1. I come from a long long line of knitters and crocheting ladies. I have none of their skills at all. I envy anyone who can use those magic sticks to weave beauty!

  2. Thanks for you lovely comments Jenny, I'm entering a new world I think! I bought some circular needles today to make a cowl and some beauutiful touchy feel wool. Hope I can decipher the code!