Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lakes and Cakes

Hello! We've just got back from a long weekend in the Lake District, one of my favourite places. We were there celebrating my husbands 40th birthday.

It always rains whenever we go to the Lakes, and this weekend was no exception, on the first day it was torrential, roads were closed and rivers were bursting. The next day though the sun came out and it subsided and we did some walking, at one of my favourite place Tarn Hows, absolutely beautiful. Just look at the reflections on the still water.

Lots of deep breaths of beautiful fresh air! Its a circular walk around the lake about 1.5 miles, (which is just about the limit of my two five year olds).

This is the money tree where walkers have pushed in coins into the bark, really interesting.

And after any walk you have to have tea and cakes! This is Lucy's in Ambleside well worth a visit if you are ever passing.

Window shopping I saw this made of badges, and thought what a brilliant idea, I might have a go at that one day.

I also found some time for some knitting, this is my second knitting project from Ravelry, The Gaptastic Cowl. I bought some lovely chunky rowan merino yarn and circular needles and got knitting on the drive up.
Its a really simple pattern, cast on 131, and then moss stitch until you get to the width that you like. So far so good! I learnt how to join in the second ball of yarn thanks to a quick check on You Tube, and managed to knit up two balls (out of three) whilst I was away. I am really enjoying knitting this as it knits up so quickly! I will post a picture when its finished!


  1. Looks like you had a great time!

    Victoria xxx

  2. Hi just found your blog. Are you going on Julie Arkell course at Hope and Elvis - I went for a day last year and it was fabulous. Enjoy it.