Monday, January 31, 2011

A new sewing machine in the house!*

This week saw my twins 6th birthday and one thing that had been requested by my little lady was her own sewing machine. I spent a long time on the internet trying to find one, and read lots of reviews from disappointed people who had bought a sewing machine for their child but it either hadn't worked properly, was really only a toy, or as it didn't have a bobbin the stitches didn't hold.

Finally I saw this at John Lewis. It had a bobbin, a finger guard so that little fingers can't get anywhere near the needle, tension, a bobbin winder, and a foot pedal, it looked perfect!

And I have to say when we test drove it it was! It came already threaded which meant we could get going straight away, (but even when we had to rethread it later it was easy to rethread). She got the hang of it straight away (and even managed to pivot on the corners), and because of the clear plastic guard around the needle her fingers weren't in any danger. It only does straight stitch but it also does reverse and has two speeds fast and slow. For £30 I was amazed how well it sewed.

I would definitely recommend this machine for anyone wanting to buy a first machine for their daughter (or son!).

Our first project was a blanket for her little doggie. The only thing now is she wants access to all my lovely fabrics!

*not the Bernina! (Yet....)

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  1. Super sewing machine I saw these a few weeks ago - fab that she could 'do it' almost straight away - as for raiding the fabric stash ouch could be tricky. Nellie my DD3 is quite creative and when she was little I tried my best to steer her away from my really precious stuff - it didn't always work though.