Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Hexalong & Dressing Table Makeover

It's Wednesday so I thought I'd catch up with the Wednesday hexalong and show you what I've been working on this week!

I've been quite busy painting this week, at the weekend I bought some of the famous Annie Sloan paint in Old White to makeover my dressing table. We are having an extension in our house at the moment and we will be moving bedrooms into the new room that's being built, but there won't be the room in there for my lovely dressing table, so I am handing it on to my daughter for her room. She has white furniture in there, so hearing how easy Annie Sloan paint is to put on and finish I thought I'd give it a go.

Here is the dressing table before:

And here it is now.

I haven't painted anything for years, but found this paint really was easy to slap on. I gave it two coats as the one coat looked a bit patchy. It dried really quickly and this afternoon I am planning to wax it and finish it, and then order some glass to fit on the top, and maybe try and get a wallpaper sample to go underneath.

It has been so nice painting away in our conservatory this week with the sun shining (making it warm for the first time this year!) listening to radio 4 (brilliant Richard Briars play this week). And doing a bit of hexing!

Here's my progress so far. Each flower (7 hexies) takes me about an hour from cutting out to sewing together. 11 so far! I'm not sure if I'm going to make a single quilt or double, but I've got quite a few to go! Loving doing the stitching though :-)


  1. oh wow, I LOVE your hexies - they look beautiful on the dresser...I love that too, it's looking beautiful all white and yummy.
    I'll share your linky next Wednesday :)

  2. The dressing table looks so elegant, bet your daughter is really pleased to owe it now.
    Goodluck with the patchwork, such prety fabrics.
    Lisa x

  3. Lovely dressing table - glad you got on well with the paint the dressing table looks lovely. Hexies coming on well I see - I have done a few more today might try and post later. Take care. Debs X

  4. Beautiful dressing table. What a lovely way to spend your time - listening to the radio and making hexie flowers. I bet you remember the play when you look at those flowers in your finished quilt.