Thursday, March 17, 2011


My workroom is a bit draughty at the moment, would you like to see?
Yes I have been working in there with no roof! Yesterday there were just two empty holes and I was practically working outside, today felt has gone on, and hopefully tomorrow tiles! (The veluxes are being taken out and a picture window is going in where the shelves are now, so I'll have a view when I'm working :-))
Not that I minded the draughts, you see I was DESPERATE to be in my crafting room...did you spy the reason why?

Yes, its my beautiful new sewing machine!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!

She is a dream to sew with and I am well and truly in love with her!We've only been together for two days so far but I can tell this is the start of something special!
There will definitely be lot of exciting projects coming up next week!

Thank you to my brilliant husband xxx

ps. That's why I'm a bit behind in the hexalong this week, I have only managed a couple of flowers, but I'm still going! Debs is doing really well!
pps. I'm going on a Julie Arkell course on Saturday, can't wait! Will post all about it next week!


  1. Nice machine Sally - is it the one you were dreaming of. What have you been making are you going to show and tell.

  2. Hope you and your machine have many happy hours together!
    Have fun on the JA course, I bet it'll be totally fabulous.
    Lisa x

  3. Oh you're going to Julie's course tomorrow - have a wonderful time - I think there might be a blogger or two there on Sunday! (The picure on my blog is one I took of Jule's work at last years course)