Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today we went to market & I bought...

Some pretty brooches (the heart one will look lovely with a few buttons and bits sewn on!) Primark £1.50, notions for cufflinks and rings..

Some brand new curtains from the CS, I'm thinking summer dresses for my little girl and perhaps cutting up for patchwork?

A lovely jug for flowers (the royal one!), CS again..

Some Union Jack storage boxes for toys from Matalan. I also spied some cushions in there that are very like Jan Constantines.... And look what I spotted in TK Maxx, but didn't buy, (if only it had been the rose pattern..).

We also visited Southwell Minster who were holding a Spring Craft Fair. A beautiful place that we've visited many times before, such a stunning venue for the craft fair, the stalls were fantastic.
We also saw Louise from Hope and Elvis, I wish I'd taken a photo of her stand but we were too busy chatting!

When I saw these they had to come home with me! I am going to paper mache a little box/house for them to live in on my wall!

And these, Summer and Autumn by Lynda Kinnard.

Oooo and some Annie Sloan paint in Old White with some wax to finish it to paint my dressing table from Nellies in the Shed, hope its as easy as it sounds!

Back home from the drizzle now, cuppa tea & about to start making a nice lasagne for tea xxxxxxx


  1. I love this post, full of great finds.
    It is great what gems you can find in TK Maxx. Jan Constanine without the price tag, sounds good to me.
    I love the rabbits. Adorable. I bit Julie Arkell somehow.
    The fabric is fab. Charity shops are the best.
    I am Tracy, if you are wondering who this is jabbering on. Lovely inspiring stuff,

  2. Didn't you buy some totally stunning things at the fair today!
    Lucky girl.
    Lisa x

  3. Sounds like a great day to me. Lovely purchases and you got the paint. Hope it goes well. I am really pleased with my efforts and was rather hoping I would get some more but as you know my plans were scuppered by the lurgy. I saw the CK in TK Maxx also I must admit I wandered around with the quilt cover and one pillowcase and then brought myself to my senses and put it back as I don't really need it and although lovely is not my most favourite CK design. Must be growing up lol. Love the rabbits by the way will you post piccies when you have made them a home?

  4. Hi Sally,
    How lovely to have found your blog (thanks for your brooch purchase too!) What a fantastic fair that looked like, the items you chose would have come home with me, too! Still got to finish my papier mache, I'm a bit scared of it!
    Hen x