Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hexalong progress!

This week I have fitted in a bit more hexie time, I managed a couple of sneaky hours at the weekend (when the rest of the family were watching Despicable Me) hidden away in the sunny conservatory,

and I've been taking hexies along with me when I've been watching them at gymnastics club. This is where I'm up to now!
My plan is to fill in between the flowers with a single colour probably white. I think I'm halfway there with the flowers? I'm aiming for a single quilt size. I'm enjoying doing this, but its something I like to pick up and put down in between other projects rather going at it full on if you know what I mean, so its coming along at a steady pace but might take me a good few weeks to finish.

For anyone else interesting in quilting I've been really enjoying listening to some American podcasts while I've been hexing away, (both on iTunes) Pat Sloane at Creative Radio (link on her blog), and Mark Lipinski - Creative Mojo. I've also like Thread Banger who do really good video podcasts. If anyone knows of any other sewing or crafty podcasts that they can reccommend I would love to hear!


  1. Oh. Your quilt is really coming on. I'm still looking for the perfect backing for mine, so I have ground to a halt. Although I'm really tempted to start a hexie cushion while I wait....

  2. Oh wow! Love them and I'm sooo jealous of your sunny conservatory!