Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Washing day ...

Today I have been washing and ironing some half metre lengths of fabric and some charm packs of 5" by 5" fabrics that I bought a while ago ready to do some quilting with.

Note to self... do not wash little squares of fabric or they will fray away and come out a lot smaller.... Oops. Oh well, we're always learning...

Lets have some fun with the sewing machine!

*(I have been doing all my normal washing and ironing too!)


  1. Oh Sally I do love a lovely line of washing but ones of the fabric kind are scrummy. When I watched Moma Mia I didnt comment on the hunky men or Colin Firth but I did comment on the lovely line of washing (table cloths) in one scene much to the amusement of my children - hubby now just nods his head, chuckles and says 'shes off again'. The mark on the socks is the one I was telling you about CC41 utility wear. I find it fascinating - strange isn't it my mum and dad were 3 when the war started and 9 when it finished and probably wore socks like those - bet they didn't find them fascinating. TTFN.Debs X

  2. Nice colors. I likt your photos.:-) Stina

  3. Such pretty washing, if only the washing line looked that pretty all the time. xx