Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jingle & The Singing Creatures

Hello everyone, remember way back I said I was going to have a go at paper mache creature, inspired by Julie Arkell? Well I finished her a while back but wasn't happy with the face so didn't post it.


Her name is Jingle (she has a bell for her tail) and she has had three different faces since she has been made! Anyway I don't think she's had enough face lifts now, so here she is!
And remember the lovely handmade creatures I bought from the Southwell Craft Fair? Here they are in their new home - situated next to the mantle in our lounge, much to the annoyance of my OH :0)
Umm thats wax on the wall from where I blew the candles out too hard...


  1. It's so cute! I know how hard this is so a big well done to you.
    Hen x

  2. One word.... adorable!
    Lisa x