Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wimbledon tea cozies & sleepy creatures!

I have been busy beavering away trying to stock up for my next craft fair. Here a few things I've finished!

Sleepy creatures!
Tea cozies, cup of tea anyone, perfect for a cup of tea whilst watching the tennis!
This yarn is gorgeous is supersoft Rooster Almerino (50% Baby Alpaca and 50% merino wool), beautiful to knit with. ( I have three tea cozies).

Custom order bunting to match a kitchen..

And lot of other things, more bunting, iphone cozies, zipped pouches, lavender bags, peg bags, crocheted bunting, cuddly bunnies and aprons all of which I still need to photograph! Phew! I am enjoying it though and seemed to have developed a system that works for me of making sure whatever I'm working on is all cut out and ready the night before so that the next day I can sit down and sew straight away in the morning. Otherwise I tend to waste time dithering about what I'm going to make before I actually start doing it. Bags tomorrow!


  1. Wow you're on a roll! I do like a good plan too, is much better to start off knowing what you are doing in the morning, otherwise you can waste hours before you know where you are (well I can anyway!) Happy bag making xxx

  2. those sleepy creatures are so cute!

  3. The tea cozy is super cute!
    Lisa x