Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting Ready

Things have been soooo busy here, over the last couple of weeks, our driveway has gone from this

to this

I'm really looking forward to planting it up, but have decided to wait until the Autumn especially for the shrubs and the evergreens. I have planted some pots though on our new patio and its nice to see the bees buzzing round them.

The twins have been away at Beaver Camp. This was their first ever time away (apart from Nana and Grandads) and they had to pack themselves.It really amused me the difference in how they packed their bags. Son - opens his pants drawer tips entire contents into his bag, then a few pairs of socks, adds a lego magazine, essential toys and sweets. Yes, he says he's done. Daughter - makes detailed list which she asks everybody in the house to double check, then ticks everything off one by one as it is neatly packed into the bag.

(I tried to sneak some maltesers in her bag as a treat when she got there, but she caught meand ordered I take out again as they weren't allowed sweets!) (By the way I did check and repack my sons bag!).

Then there was the little matter of picking up our caravan from being serviced, driving a few miles down the road and it coming off the towbar and going into the back of our car... The caravan trip to Devon in the first couple of weeks of the school holidays has now been postponed :-(

But apart from all that, on the crafting front, I have been madly crocheting bunting, sewing strawberries, knitting tea cozies and making patchwork covered notebooks ready for my stall at this weekends village Family Fun Day. I'm so looking forward to it and I've had some lovely comments from friends who have had a look at my things in my shop and on my blog so I just hope people like my things!
Tomorrow I want to decide how I'm going to display everything and have a practice set up so I thought today was the day I had to paint the shelves my husband has made me,
print and laminate some labels

and do a little stock check.

Now I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope the rain doesn't stop play on the day! Have a good weekend everybody xx


  1. Sorry to hear about the caravan/car incident. Hope you do manage to get away ok. Wishing you good luck for your craft stal, I do like your strawberry cozies.
    Lisa x

  2. Thanks for the lovely words about the dresser! The toadstools are candles I found recently on a stall at a charity fund raising event. got to love those polka dots!
    Lisa x