Friday, June 10, 2011

My Bernina Day

I recently upgraded my sewing machine and as part of the deal you get a days free training with Bernina in London. So off to London I went yesterday for a masterclass on getting the most out of your machine! Here's the classroom, there were four of us on the course which was great as it meant we all got to ask lots of questions.

It was such a useful day, I soon realized that you can easily get stuck sewing a certain way on your machine and aren't using all the features on it.

During the day I got used to using the knee lift that I hadn't previously used, learnt about all the different feet and accessories, ways of using and varying embroidery stitches, a fab section on stretch stitches, basting and blind hemming. We learnt a brilliant way of doing gathers using crochet cord sewn between the threads which made it much stronger for thicker fabrics, which will be so useful doing the frills on my frilly aprons.

Any one else wondered what that arm bit was for? I hadn't a clue when I saw it in my drawer. Makes sense when you fit it to the machine, its a seam guide.
The button holes that I'd been avoiding were so easy, we even did corded button holes, what a revelation, and I can sew on buttons with my machine now! We ended the day playing around with the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) and doing some free machining. A fantastic day and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity, everybody on the course found it really useful and away with little tricks and tips that will make a big difference to our sewing.

Of course I couldn't go to London without fitting in a little bit of shopping afterwards. I headed straight to John Lewis (I had some birthday vouchers still to spend) where I bought some gorgeous fabrics in half metre lengths (photos soon!) and then onto Liberty's - my absolutely favourite shop in the whole world!
A quick detour to pick up some soap, and then onto the Fabric department....
This is their fabric of the month, wouldn't it look gorgeous as a Summer Dress?
I fell in love with this fabric and bought some of this, and three other half metres all Tana Lawn, which I would love to share today, but we are having building work inside today and there isn't one spot I can photograph it as everything is in chaos!! Hopefully things will get back to normal over the weekend, and I can photograph them then.

Have a fab weekend xxxxxxxxxxxx

Edited to add:
Another thing we did on the course was cleaning and oiling your machine which I am ashamed to say I'd never done on either of my machines, but it was really easy, I've just done it this morning!


  1. Looks like you enjoyed a fab day! I never did this when I bought my Bernina. Wondered what you think of the BSR? Did it make free motioning easy/easier?
    Hen x

  2. What a great day sewing and shopping - the best! Cant wait to see your liberty fabric purchases.

  3. Oiling and cleaning, I thought that something you did to your car?? Tee hee Sarah xo