Sunday, June 5, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I leap out of bed uncharacteristically early on Sunday mornings, for one reason, the car boot sale! I love rummaging and treasure hunting, and we are lucky to have one every Sunday locally to us, although the location changes alternate weeks. One of the locations is just across the road from us, (although that hasn't always been a good thing as I have staggered back with my fair share of tat over the years!).

I like to think I have got more selective now ;-) and here's what I found this morning.

A beautiful old printers tray which is fits perfectly in my workroom to store cottons and little bits and pieces.
Some collapsible shelves ready to be used at my first craft fair, the couple that were selling it used to do Antiques fairs, its very light, folds flat and will be very useful on my stand. I'm starting to give thought as to how I'll display my bits and pieces.
This beautiful knitting book. Its very old, perhaps 1930s I'd guess(?), it doesn't say, but the photographs and text are gorgeous I have to show you. Do click on the images and read the words.

Inside were this pullover pattern and a typed pattern for fair isle mittens.

And finally some lovely white tablecloths and tray cloths (asking to be appliqued), washed and hanging on the line.

I also bought some knitting needles and linen tea towels (in the washing machine).

Also as I'm typing I've just realized I bought a tablecloth, some cushion pads and more knitting needles which I asked the lady to keep for me and I would pick them up on the way back... Yes, you've guessed it, they are still there! Memory like a sieve...


  1. Great finds Sally - have just returned from a fsb holiday in Cornwall. Went to a couple of car boots and all I got was one pair of floral curtains and four cute egg cups - guess what - I left the egg cups in the caravan. The CS and CB's were very sparce on goodies maybe the ones up north have more to offer. Take care love Debsx

  2. Oh no, what a shame you forgot to go back!
    Love the printers trays and those pictures from the book are brilliant!
    Lisa x

  3. What a BRILLIANT way to store your cotton reels, I love it! I've not seen that before, so I can see a new trend starting there! That 30's sewing book is wonderful! You could photocopy the pages and sell the patterns, they look rather fantastic, and there won't be any copyright on them. Just an idea. I hope that lady is still there at the next sale, I bet she'll still have your bag of goodies ready and waiting for you! Love Vanessa xxx

  4. Great find with the printers tray - I've got one and do the same with mine to store some of my cottons, although I've got quite a few of the really small slots that I can't find anything small enough to fit in! Wish there was a car boot sale near me, I do love a good rummage! Jenny x

  5. p.s also love your spotty cake tins in that first picture, where did you get them if you don't mind me asking? Have been on the look out for some like that for ages! x