Friday, June 3, 2011

Can I take you on a Tour of My Garden?

This is sort of a "before and after", but the wrong way round!

When we first moved to this house we were lucky to have enough land to start to grow things. This was our first vegetable plot, to the side of our house, eight beds and some hazel tunnels which we grew beans and sweet peas up. (Our house is in the middle of our plot so its sort of split into different sections as you will see). I think in this photo there are some cabbages, broad beans (my favourite) carrots, onions.
This is a year or so later, we moved the hazel to form an archway over the central path over which we grew our squashes, beans and peas.

It was lovely that the children got involved sowing seeds and picking what they'd grown.
Tromboncino, lovely little courgettes, or bigger as a squash. I always grew an extra large one to enter into the village show or carve into a creature for Halloween.

Another corner of our garden became the flower garden, where I grew all my favourite flowers for cutting. Amaranthus, dahlias, calendula, cosmos, salvias...

The Cutting Garden in Spring
A spring bed, in a slightly shadier patch under a tree. Tall, stately foxgloves, one of my favourite flowers.
This is our front garden, where I packed in lots of jungly colourful plants.

So that was the before. Are you ready for the after?

1. The Vegetable Plot...
2. The Front Jungly Garden (nettle tea anybody?)

3. The Flower Garden (blimey those poppies really self seed!)

As you can tell (!) we are doing some renovation work at the moment (we have extended our house over my beloved veggie patch and the cutting garden is going to become a parking area) so my poor garden is a total mess. It has been totally neglected this year, and probably shan't be touched again until things are completed later in the year, so its so nice to look back at photos of how it used to look!! It might look a big disaster, but I know it will look lovely and change isn't always a bad thing.

There will be some space left for a small veggie/flower patch so I'm really looking forward to starting a whole new garden, although it probably won't be until the autumn time as we have our hands full at the moment with all the work in the house going on.

Thanks for coming on a tour of my garden!



  1. Wow, now that's a transformation!! One that made me scroll up and down, just to reread and make sure I'd got it right! But hey, you definitely have green fingers, your garden prior to the renovation is testament to that. So think of all the changes you will be able to implement when the work is done. I can't wait to see the finished product again! Have a great weekend. Lx

  2. Wow, there's a lot of hard work going on there!
    Your garden looked lovely and productive. I'm sure it'll be so again once all the hadr work has been done!
    Lisa x

  3. Goodness it beautiful... I have garden envy! x