Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Magazine aholic

I am a self confessed magazineaholic. Not including the ones i subscribe to annually with my Tesco Clubcard vouchers (Country Living, BBC Homes & Antiques, umm blimey thats not good I can't actually remember them all... ) these are some of the craft ones that I've bought this month.
My Top magazine this month, definitely Mollie Makes. Its been read and re-read in this house, definitely a keeper. (See inside here).
Also Homestyle sewing Issue 3. ♥♥♥ Loved this

♥♥♥ It has at least 12 projects that I know I am definitely going to make. (Union Jack tea cozies cushions and keyrings, Love Bunting, Quick & Easy patchwork quilt, wall canvases, CK Stanley dog, lots of different bags, including an Amy Butler pattern (which comes with it separately and doesn't need enlarging!), cutlery roll, pot holders, and a patchwork corgi. I am even going to make a special trip to Staples to enlarge all the patterns! (Although nearly feinted when I got to the til and found it was £8.99). Wished I hadn't missed issue 2!

Um, I've crocheted the egg cosies and might knit the strawberry tea cozie, but theres not too much in it for me, it covers too many different crafts, with nothing new, and the Etsy guide was a bit common sense really. Bit disappointing, not worth the money for me.
Although not a craft magazines, I had to get Easy Living this month to get the free CK bag, worth buying just for the bag. Fits in my handbag perfectly for emergencies. Found the other style of bag in a charity shop for 25p so now I have them both! Also has a 15% off code for CK online (but doesn't include fabric).
Is anyone else as disappointed with this magazine lately? It seems to have gone downhill in the last couple of issues, the first issues were brilliant and full of things I actually wanted to make, but with the last few, things seem to going downhill with each issue less good than the last. Sad really as it started off so well. Will have a good flick through before I buy next time, hope it improves again.

What's your favourite magazine?


  1. I once had a friend who had just about every house magazine on monthly subscription and once she'd read them she passed them to me which was very handy.I just sybscribe to CL now, but I haven't enjoyed that quite so much lately.
    I can't hula hoop either!
    Lisa x

  2. What fun! They all look gorgeous. I never buy magazines anymore unfortunately. I fall in love with them in the shop and bring them home and never get a chance to read them. Unless of course I'm on holidays and then I love a magazine or two.

  3. I've brought Mollie Makes but yet to sit and devour it properly!

    I go through phases with magazines, one minute I love them and the next I feel like they're just filled with the same articles and pictures!

    I've stopped many of my subscriptions and now cheery pick various titles over the months,

    Victoria x

  4. The homestyle sewing looks great, haven't seen that one!
    Love what you've done with the Mollie Makes phone case!

    B xxx