Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Top Five

I must have spent a fortune over the years on beauty products, moisturiser creams and makeup, shameful amounts of money on expensive moisturisers, designer shampoos and on department store make up counters, but older and wiser I've found that expensive doesn't necessary mean best. These are my top top five beauty products.

1. Bare Escentuals foundation
What a brilliant invention. Idiot proof. So easy to put on, buff it on with a brush (you don't even need to look in the mirror its so easy), and really flattering, I've been using this for about five years now and wouldn't use anything else. Lasts for ages too.
2. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
I love all her natural products, and have used this for ten years. Creamy cleanser you wipe off with a hot cloth. For me it's the best! Smells so nice of eucalyptus and wipes away even really stubborn mascara really gently.
3. Pitrok Deodrant Spray
Because of family history I have an increased risk of breast cancer and I'm very fussy about what I'm prepared to wear under my arms, this one has no nasties in it and it works.

3. Boots Protect and Perfect
I was very late to the party with this, I remember it being in the news a few years back, but I only got round to trying it this year and love it. I noticed a difference the first time I put it on, less visible wrinkles on my forehead and the horrible 11 lines (still there but much less visible). Yipee! I use the serum and now both the moisturisers too. Less expensive than other ones I used to use (you can usually get them 3 for 2 as well) & for me a better result!
5. John Frieda Three Day Straight
I'm a recent convert to this too, as I have my hair coloured I don't like to wash it every day, but it has never looked good on the second day, until now! Spray it on damp hair, dry as normal then straighten and you get straight hair for three days. It actually works, although I always wash after two, it looks just as good the second day as the first and shiny.
Would love to hear about yours, go on share your favourites!

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  1. I'm a recent Liz Earle convert.
    Crikey her cleanse and polish is fab!
    I also love Laura Mercier lipsticks and tinted mousturiser.