Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I am loving this Wet Wednesday ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Starting my new granny stripe blanket in front of the tv watching Anna Griffin Crafting that I sky+ on QVC yesterday, love her beautiful things!
Sorting through our holiday photos from our ski trip to Switzerland last week.

My thrifted enamel coffee pot and gorgeous bright supermarket tulips with a souvenir from our holiday.
Beautifully fragrant narcissi (supermarket again) brightening up my kitchen windowsill with vibrant mini iris from our garden.

Looking forward to having some time to start the hex-a-long with Melissa and friends.

Looking forward to going to a Hope and Elvis Course this week!

Things I am not loving... :-(
Not being able to hear anything at the moment following the cold I picked up skiing.
The children picking up the same cold and earache meaning we can't go swimming or do much outside this half term week
Another devastating natural disaster.


  1. See you on Friday - might take my hexies they have not been out of the basket for nearly a year. Im excited r u?

  2. Yay! Yes very excited, a whole day of crafting! Yipee! I haven't been able to decide what to take or make, so thought I might start a hexi blanket seen some gorgeous ones in blogland recently! Look forward to seeing you there!!

  3. Not a neat painter more slap it on like you - its amazing what you can scrape off with a credit card (actually it was my old Unison card).

  4. Hope you had a fab holiday despite the cold.
    Lisa x