Monday, February 7, 2011

An injection of colour for a windy Monday!

Hello again! I hope this blustery monday finds you all well :-)

This morning I've been tackling the chaos from the weekend tidying, cleaning, sorting, picking up tiny bits of lego, chasing our cheeky chickens who escaped from the run when the wind blew it open... Over coffee (with my blue hyacinths smelling gorgeous on the kitchen table) I felt in dire need of an injection of colour and thought of a special trip we took for my birthday last April to the bulbfields in Holland and Amsterdam.

If like me you love all things floral and lots of colour the displays of the bulbs and flowers were a visual feast for the eyes! If you ever get the chance to go to Holland during their bulb flowering season GO! I would definitely recommend it - its amazing! Most of these were taken at the Keukenhof gardens, the mecca for bulb hunters. These are just a few of the photos that I took.

Take a look and drink in the colour...


Enjoy the rest of your Monday :-)


  1. Hi very blustery here too. I have been to the bulb fields in Holland and I agree it's amazing. I also went to the huge flower market (senior moment - cant remember its name and its the biggest one in the world) which was stunning. AM enjoying my monday painting furniture, stitching, drinking coffee and NOT doing any cleaning - i'm leaving that until about 3.30 just before dear OH returns from work. LOL.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, lovely photos....I want that bike!