Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage Fair

This Saturday my friend and I scooted off to a visiting Vintage Fair. It was held at our local university, neither of us had been before but it had been recommended to me by a couple of lady jewllery makers at a local handmade fair so I knew we wouldn't be disappointed.

For a CS/car boot rummager/addict like me it was fantastic! Lots of quirky bits and pieces from clothing, shoes, jewellery, accessories, haberdashery things, old books and magazines and some fab american motel keyrings! Here's a few pics (we got there as the doors opened hence it looks quite quiet but by the time we left it was packed!).
*the red dress on the model and brooch came home with me!
They served absolutely gorgeous looking cupcakes and tea in china cups, we'd stopped for a coffee on the way there so we didn't partake, but next we visit we definitely will!
Here's what I came away with:
A cute 50's apron
the red dress and a scarf (probably not going to wear them together and I need to learn how to wear scarves without looking like a boy scout)
a summer dress and another scarf

and these lovely buttons
and last but not least a scrabble ring!