Friday, March 9, 2012

Union Jack Fest!

Hello! Gosh it seems an age since my last post!  The reason being we've been away!

We were lucky enough to escape the cold February weather in Florida in a place that we love on the west coast, where I did a lot of sitting in the sun knitting mmmmm,

walking up and down along the edge of sea collecting beautiful shells,

and sitting watching the twins build sand villages for their smurfs and moshi monsters, doodling and drawing ideas in my sketchbook, taking time to mull over what my next projects would be when I got back.

With the upcoming Olympics and Diamond Jubilee this year and inspired by Annie's beautiful Victory Garden Quilt the first thing on my list to make had to be union jacks! Pretty, ditsy, flowery union jacks!

I went to my stash and found some of my loveliest fabrics, which I pieced together into these

I made six! I'm thinking they might turn become mini quilted wall hangings, or cushions...

Backing Fabric
Next, some smaller union jack pennants, perhaps that could be hung from a front door during the celebrations?  A good excuse to dip into my ribbon stash.. (I should have photographed the messy wicker hamper full of tangled ribbons this came from!).

This is my more organised ribbon stash! (Note. Just need some empty ribbon reels to unscramble some of the ribbons above and put them neatly on my new ribbon storer. Where can I get those from?).

I had fun setting them out, playing with the ribbons and layouts.

I wasn't sure about the hearts, maybe a bit much, what do you think?

Adding my Robin Red labels to the back
Here they are, finished, quilted, edged and bobble trimmed! Just awaiting some pretty ribbon to hang them.  I've run out of matching ribbon! 

Somehow I don't think this will be the end of my union jack obsession!

Its been so nice catching up with everyone's blogs this week and seeing what you've all been up to, thanks for stopping by, do say hello!

Sally xox


  1. Oh Sally I think they are fab! Better without the hearts in my opinion. I bet they sell well.
    Glad you all enjoyed your hols in the sun.
    Lisa x

  2. Brilliant color combos! I like the hearts. I like the one in the bottom left. Something for each taste!

    :-} Your knees look happy.

    Hugs Lorraine