Monday, March 26, 2012

Specs Appeal!

Wow what an amazing day! I've just stepped outside to take some photos and its like a summers day!

With two upcoming craft fairs (one this weekend and one the following weekend), I realized I'd better get busy with some new things for my stand.

Today I've been using this gorgeous linen that I bought last week from one of my favourite quilt shops to combined with pretty liberty prints to make these lined specs cases!  

 They are appliqued and then handstitched and I had such fun drawing all the different style specs.

  The Rose Edna Everage stylee ones are my favourite.

 Which are yours?!
 I also made some cute little heart key rings to match.  

Thats a start anyway! Lots more to do before Saturday...  

Off to take my diet coke outside now for and catch some sun for the last half hour before school pick up, clubs and mum tax service starts.

Enjoy your day x0x


  1. What gorgeous things you've been making! I just saw you went to the west coast of Florida! Me too! I loved it so much I feel homesick for it! xxx

  2. Top left, second picture :)

    They are cute and such lovely key fobs too.

    Have a smashing day,

    Nina x

  3. I couldn't choose, I love them all. I'm sure you'll sell them all, they are spec-tac-u-lar!
    Lisa x