Saturday, March 31, 2012


I've just had an email today Keukenhof in the Netherlands saying that they are open now and in full bloom. If you've never been to Keukenhof and have the chance to go, I would definitely urge you to do so at this time of year it is stunning.

Keukenhof is the largest bulb flower garden in the world, dedicated to spring bulbs, tulips, narcissi, hyacinths the list goes on!  They say more than 7 million flowers!

I've been looking back at photographs of a trip we took there when we went to Amsterdam for my birthday in 2010, and thought I'd share a few of the photos with you.

Just drink in the colours of these stunning flowers....

Spectacular view across the bulb fields

Just one small corner of the glass houses - so many varieties!

Its definitely on my list of somewhere I would love to revisit.   Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Sally xox


  1. Wow your photos are amazing, especially the third from the bottom with the pink tulips - so pretty! I really love tulips, they are one of my favourite flowers so would love love love the chance to visit someday! Jenny x

  2. I've been twice it's lovely isnt it. I went when I was training to be a florist we went to lots of other places too including the huge flower market which was incredible. Debs x

  3. Fabulous pictures, I would love to go and must put it on my list of places to go but the list is so long for this year!! I have a pen friend in Holland and when she visit's she always bring me a massive bunch of "Tulips from Amsterdam" aswell as being beautiful they always last for ages, Lucey x

  4. Such bright and colourful photos!

    Victoria xxx

  5. Hi Sally, congratulations you were a runner up in my giveaway and I have an Ambi Pur plug in to send to you - drop me an email (should be on the reply to this comment) with your address and I'll get it on it's way to you!

    Victoria xx

  6. gosh they are breathtaking!