Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beautiful Wedding Bunting

My poor neglected blog!  November is turning out into a month of deadlines and mad panics to finish things for craft fairs. Sew, pack, craft fair and then moving on to the next one!
After spending last week frantically sewing for last weekends craft fair, (which was a brilliant fair, lots of lovely people and, really, really, busy!) this weeks project is 200 metres of lovely wedding bunting for next week!

Lovely fabrics waiting to be cut into bunting flags, so pretty, all Tanya Whelan, I have lots of off cuts which I'm hoping to make into a quilt, but I imagine that will be after xmas now!

And here they are all waiting to be sewn!  I think this is going to my new favourite set of wedding bunting! (It will be available to hire through

That is today's job!

Hope to be back to normal blogging soon!  Only two craft fairs left this month, then I'm leaving December free to catch up and start on Christmas xx

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  1. Those are lovely fabrics Sally. Glads that you are doing well at the craft fairs.
    Lisa x