Thursday, November 17, 2011

Highlights of my week!

A really friendly christmas shopping evening at Navenby School.

A fantastic course with Janine from Smashing Chintz at Hope & Elvis.  So much fun using the tile cutters to cut up plates and bits and bobs, positioning them and gluing them on, we all got very absorbed!

 My mirror 
 Some of my bits (I didn't use this elf in the end)
 Some of Janines beautiful mosaics
Pretty teapot! I made one of these! 

Beautiful Christmas Tree 
A rare moment of peace and harmony at home playing Moshi Monsters I think (on my very messy desk!) 
Very early morning sewing making a new set of Wedding Bunting for a wedding fair this weekend
and very late night sewing, final 150th metre coming off the machine!

This morning I went and put up the bunting in the marquee, it looked beautiful! I'll go back at the weekend and get some pictures when everything else is in place and I hope to post pictures of my mosaics once I've finished tweaking them!

Off now to attend to this SHOCKING pile of ironing! (Definitely NOT a highlight of my week!)


  1. Oh ironing, what a joy!
    Hope the wedding goes well this weekend for the people you made the bunting for.
    Looks like you had fun on your course.
    Lisa x

  2. The mosaics look like they would be endlessly entertaining to make, finding little bits of color that attract you and adding them to your master piece! Partial to the teapot!! GREAT WORK.

    Lorraine :)