Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Wonderful Night of Knitting!

On Thursday Night a group of us assembled at Hope and Elvis in Nottinghamshire for the most 
wonderful night of Knitting & Crochet!

Here are my photos, and I hope Louise won't mind but I've used her wonderful words that she sent us all before the workshop to describe the evening!

On a dark dark night (thankfully lit by lanterns) 20 lucky people came together to the studio of HOPE & ELVIS.

They made friends with Louise (proprietor) Debs (crochet tutor) Sally (knit tutor) Sue (cakes)  and David MacLeod (VIP - Designs & Publications Manager, Rowan Yarns).
The Lovely Louise

Using the most loveliest Rowan yarns some of them learnt how to crochet and knit and some of them just had a great time knitting and crocheting things they hadn’t tried before (all perfect ideas for Christmas gifts) 

The trunk of vintage scraps found their way into many a design and looked tremendous!

Super cute knitted and tweed christmas trees, and knitted christmas baubles!
Knitted star garland

Knitted medals

Deb's Fantastic crochet button necklaces
Equally the “library” of vintage patterns and knitting books went down a treat and the photocopier saw some action!

Crocheted misteltoe!

People weren't shy of sharing their ideas and the "show and tell" gave everybody a warm glow.
Wearing her vintage pinny Sue made cocoa, crumpets and cakes for everyone and it was agreed that it had been a jolly good night and they all went home tired but happy.
 Oh wait must have been a dream BUT you can book it and make a real night of it!**

Such a fantastic night, lovely people, a natter and a knit, gorgeous nibbles and drinks, and I came away with a lovely wristband with crocheted flowers on that I made, a Rowan crochet book (free!) and some knit and crochet patterns!

** Louise has just posted the dates of the next workshop on Facebook (10th November), if you are quick you might get a place! **


  1. It was a great night - looking forward to the next one. Great post Sally so glad you enjoyed it. I couldn't sleep when I got in even though I felt really tired. Too many ideas whizzing around in my head for next time.

  2. What a wonderful evening for people to get together and share ideas and make sone really gorgeous things too.
    Lisa x

  3. I like the bracelets, sounds like a great get together :-}


  4. Just letting you know I have a 20% OFF my ETSY store coupon posted on my site :-} Lorraine