Sunday, August 14, 2011

Festival of Quilts

Yesterday my MIL and I went to the Festival of Quilts for at the NEC. It was the first time either of us had been and we were blown away by the exhibits. So many amazing and inspirational quilts, exquisite workmanship, and such original ideas. Unfortunately I had a little difficulty with the camera on my iphone, so I apologise in advance if some of the photos are a little dodgy, but these were some of the amazing quilts that caught my eye (sorry i can't give exact details on each one).

Group Quilts: Mere Kats (

This one includes knitting and crochet

My absolute favourite by Jenny Hubbard, Stash Findings. Inspired by Janet Bolton and JulieArkell Workshops, (I wondered if we have ever been on the same workshop together?)(So annoyed with my camera, I would have loved better photos of this one).
I love all the little details, especially the knitting with the tails.
Teeny Tiny hexagons!
Stunning Fabrics
Based on Positano, Italy (which I visited a couple of years ago). I seemed to be really drawn to quilts with houses and buildings.
Loved this minature quilt with tiny liberty squares.
Tea cups
Fantastic owl
This huge quilt was amazing. The work of six ladies, and I absolutely loved the fun style and colours it.

Baby Peter, Louise Presley (Hope & Elvis) so tactile.

It was a brilliant day, the morning was spent looking at the exhibits, the afternoon for shopping and looking round. I'll post my purchases later, I'm just off to unpack them now!


  1. Hi glad you had a good day. Louise and I went on Thursday. Jenny was indeed on the same Janet Bolton course with you. Do you know I guessed she had made it before I even knew it was by her. I loved it. Louise overheard someone saying it should have been a prize winner. Did you buy much? I was quite good - surprisingly.

  2. What a fantastic day out. So much to look at, all so inspring. Those quilts are amazing.
    Lisa x

  3. Hi, I went on Friday too. It's interesting how different your pictures are to mine (haven't blogged about it yet) I was mesmerised by all the large quilts- (I was meeting someone there, so didn't have that much time). I will definitely put the date in my diary for next year and make sure I see the smaller quilts and take note of the finer details!