Sunday, August 21, 2011

Booty Bargains

If you drop by my blog now and again, you will probably know that I love a boot sale. Today seemed to be my lucky day, I found so many lovely things, would you like to see?

The best first. A huge Emma Bridgewater Platter! I always use platters for serving roasts and things. Its in perfect condition no chips! £3!
Look at these, just my sort of zingy colours and prints, an brand new pair of AGA ovengloves and matching apron. £3!
Lovely packets of buttons and another Toadstool pincushion for my collection, I've got a thing about toadstools :-)
What next. A sweet little sewing machine and pair of scissors that I'm going to make into a brooch.

I know these are an acquired taste (my husband looked in disbelief when I brought them back) but I love them, they will lovely filled with flowers, and they are much larger than the usual ones you see, the tall one is almost 30cm tall and are both in beautiful condition.

Some really cute books, the sock monster one will be definitely used by us next week following our monster fantasy creature making workshop this week! An the history of Hello Kitty, I know two people in this house who will be interested in that one.

Last but not least I don't know why but I couldn't leave this book either called Fruits.

There's no words in it, I think its a fashion book, just pictures of Japanese people on the street in different cute outfits. It fascinated me. Maybe I'll pick up some tips ;-) It will be a good one to keep as a coffee table book.

Plus, a Miffy Bag (for me!), some vintage teatowels for my collection, embroidered pillowcases (ditto) and some board games, we are planning to have a weekly Family Game Night inspired by Mel.

I have to mention this morning Michael Ball played his telephone interview with Doris Day, which for a DD fan like me was such a treat. I love her films, and can watch them again and again. He played her new single which is from an album coming out in September (her voice is still beautiful, slightly older but the same if you know what I mean), as well as her classics. If you're a DD fan like me, it might be on the iplayer, and is well worth a listen.

Off now to start cutting fabric for 50 meters of bunting that has been ordered!


  1. What fantastic finds! The Fruits book looks interesting. Good luck with the bunting. xx

  2. Oh I just love a rummage around a car boot sale.......
    Last week I bought 2 glasses, a few old books and several bags of buttons.
    A very good day's hunting!

  3. Thanks for the DD tip, just love her movies.
    Your EB plate was a bargain lucky you.
    And the looking forward to seeing what you do with the sewing machine and scissors.
    Lisa x

  4. Hi Sally yes it was me hooking at the Rag Rug workshop it was fabulous. Glad you like my new look Nellie DD2 has designed and drawn it on the computer - clever girl - I wouldn't have a clue where to start. You got a great haul from the CB - I have had a summer of finding embroidered linen I have got mountains. Some keepers and some to go ebay. Bye for now.