Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fantasy Creature Making

We are lucky enough to live near a fantastic gallery that during the school holidays offers family workshops in all sorts of things from sewing, printing, working with clay, and even bread making and hot cross bun making.

Today we were very much excited to be booked onto Fantasy Creature Making. When we arrived we looked at the sample creatures laid on the table made by Ruth Waller.

Teachers Pet - pocket shaped to fit into a teachers pocket.
A sock slug (which could be turned into a snail). Don't you just love the lips on this one!
Another sock creature
An apple collecting monster, with long springy legs to jump high into the tress and put the apples into his apple bag!

To get started Ruth suggested we take some felt balls and string them together to make caterpillars, which we could make into brooches. Here's my daughters' brooch.

Here is my son's long caterpillar that I was very impressed that he sewed together himself!

We then chose a creature we would like to make. We chose the Apple Collecting Monster and the one eyed sock creature.

I did the sewing on the machine, and they helped with the cutting, stuffing and adding the details. The Apple monster was soooo fiddly as he had verrry long thin legs to turn through and stuff, but with a little patience we did it.

The one eyed monster has a rubber ball in his bottom which means when you throw him on the floor he bounces. What a brilliant idea!! Needless to say he was a total hit with my son and was thrown all around the courtyard.

Here are our finished creations!

My daughter finished her monster off with a dress out of an elasticated fluffy sock, and completed her with a necklace of felt balls.

I'm not sure who had more fun today, them or me!


  1. What a fab family activity! And they get something they made to keep too.
    Lisa x

  2. Well, of course, YOU had more fun than them! Answering your question on my blog - the bunting is one and a half inches across the top of each flag and two inches down the sides, and when strung together should be just under two meters in length and cost £25 - sorry about the mix of old and new measures there! You can email me through my website to order anything on the site.