Monday, December 26, 2011

Skiis for efficient landing of fairies in snow!

Today I finished my fairy that I started on my Samantha Bryan workshop just before christmas.

I stitched her teeny fairy shoes, added her beautiful goose feather wings and used dried leaves to make her skis (necessary of course for efficient landing of fairies in snow!).

Ta da!

Here she is in pride of place next to my Julie Arkell piece (The Day I Nearly Lost Lamby) whose been safely unpacked and put out on display that all our dusty renovations are over.

I think they look fab together, and I'm very proud of my dainty little fairy!


  1. And proud you should be, she is beautiful!
    Lisa x

  2. She's gorgeous, so elegant! Love your Juli Arkell piece too, what a good name for an artwork! Jenny x