Monday, January 16, 2012

Making time for creativity...

I think I have found my new love, patchwork! How its taken me so long to have a go at making a quilt I don't know!  We had glorious sunny cold crisp days last week, and I decided to ignore the paperwork, cleaning, ironing and everything else on my list, head up to my work room enjoy the lovely bright skies and light and make my first my first mini quilt, Liberty Hearts.  

I bought this lovely kit from the Knitting and Stitching Show because I couldn't resist these gorgeous  Liberty Prints, and as someone new to patchwork I thought a kit would be the best way to start.

Once I'd started making it I couldn't stop, it was sooo addictive! 

I loved the methodical cutting of all the pieces,

  appliquing the hearts

deciding on the piecing

and finally my favourite bit the quilting! 

As you can see from the back I kept the quilting quite simple but I am so chuffed with result!

 Here it is!

In total it took me a couple of afternoons to make, and it will now to pride of place on the wall of our bedroom.  I can't wait to start another one!!

*I've called this blog post making time for creativity, because I know can feel guilty taking time to sew or create when everything else is piling up, but I also know that even a few minutes of making something in the day can have such a positive effect on my mood.  It completes me. Yes I felt guilty ignoring the things I needed to do to make this quilt but sometimes if you are a creative person I think you have to give yourself permission to give yourself time to create even if its only 15 minutes. Have a look at this blog post If you don't make Time for Creativity Who Will?and Happy Creating  xoxo

** The Liberty Heart Kit is available from Sunflower Fabrics.